Launch! Hello world. // 18/07/2023

Today is an exciting day for us at Dreaming Giants, because it marks not only the inaugural blog post, but we are also celebrating the launch of our website!

If you don’t know who we are yet, we are a collective of creatives who are not just dreaming big, but dreaming giant. We want to redefine the boundaries of gaming and bring you experiences that captivate, inspire, and immerse you in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Our team, led by co-founders Kamil Czarnecki and Daniel Poole, combines experience in game development, production, music composition, and sound design to craft games that are not only visually stunning and fun to play, but also offer unique mechanics and deep, compelling narratives.

Our debut title, “Lumi: Starbound Adventure”, is a testament to this vision. It’s an action-adventure game that blends traditional platforming with innovative gameplay mechanics. Our protagonist Lumi is set to navigate through a stylized universe, harnessing the power of the Sentinels to move and rotate platforms, solve puzzles and collect items – an adventurous journey that’s bound to keep you hooked!

At Dreaming Giants, we believe that the essence of a great game goes beyond its gameplay and visual aesthetics. It lies in the power of its story to evoke emotions, challenge conventions and make players feel a part of something bigger. That’s the philosophy that’s at the heart of “Lumi: Starbound Adventure”, and it’s a philosophy that we promise to uphold in all our future projects.

This blog will serve as a platform to share our journey, our learnings, and most importantly, to interact with you, our players. We want you to be a part of our journey and grow with us. Expect to see development updates, behind-the-scenes looks, glimpses of our future projects, and in-depth discussions about our design and development processes.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us on this journey so far. We’re thrilled about the road that lies ahead, and we can’t wait to have you join us on this exciting adventure.

Stay tuned, stay Giant.

Team Dreaming Giants.


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